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Moving Too Slowly?

What is the biggest challenge facing your organization right now? I feel confident most of you would say, “The need for more money.” And yes, I agree that is a major problem for most nonprofits.   Yet, the money is … Continue reading

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Are you a nonprofit board member leading without a vision?

Hope is not a strategy! Why is it that so few boards lack a comprehensive vision for the organization they serve? If you’re a member of a nonprofit board and you don’t think your nonprofit can reach higher goals, why … Continue reading

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“ONWARD” – Have you read it?

Howard Schultz, CEO and Chairman of Starbucks, has written a captivating book about how Starbucks turned around from a downward spiral in 2008 to the most profitable year in the company’s history in 2010. Think this has no merit for … Continue reading

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JWA’s mailing address has changed: 2113 E. 62nd St., No. 359, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Our phone number, email, and website remain the same.

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A friend of mine recently opened a surgical clinic in an underserved area of his town. As a wealthy entrepreneur, he had the means to provide the clinic with the latest equipment. He used his connections in the community to … Continue reading

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